Tally.ini file

The installation program loads the Tally.ini file in the Tally program or application directory. This is a CONFIGURATION SETTING file, which Tally refers to, for some basic setting. The file contents appears as shown:

;; Tally 9 workstation specific parameters file
;; ** The followings line is required for Tally connection
;; Tally License = connect
;; ** If you are running multi-user in client mode, use Tally License Server
;; Specify the Tally Lock Specifications: use Tally Lock = NONE for educational
Tally lock = Local host
Tally Lock Server = No
;; specify location of Data files
Data = C\Tally\Data
;; Specify a list of companies to preload
;; ** TO STOP DEFAULT LOADING set the following line to No
Default companies = Yes
Load = 10000
;; specify a list of TDL files for user defined reports and changes
;; ** TO STOP LOADING TDL FILES, set the following line to No
User TDL = Yes
TDL = Emp9.tcp
;;tdl =
;;tdl =
;; specify location of TALLY. SAV ( Saved configuration of Tally)
Config = C:\Tally
;; specify location of language files
Langpath = C;\Tally\Lang
;; specify colour details of local monitor
colour = Yes
;; end-of-file
  • The Data, Configuration and Language directories appear in the tally.ini file as specified at the time of installation. However, you can change the respective directory paths by specifying it in the Tally.ini.
  • If you want to load a company automatically on starting Tally, enter the number in the line load as per the information available in the directory.
  • You can specify the name or path of the TCP(s) (Tally Compliant Product), if any, after the User TDL field.
  • You can set color to NO, If you do not want to view the screens with the default colors of Tally.

Tally provides you with two types of licensing options:

  • Single-User Licensing
  • Multi-User Licensing
Tally Silver for Single-User
Single-user licensing allows the deployment of Tally on a SINGLE computer with an option of activating it online or offline. You can also choose to use the same Tally license on another computer, by surrendering the license activated on the previous computer and reactivating it on the new one. An Offline user takes the request file generated by Tally, to a computer, which has Internet connectivity, and activates the license.

Tally Gold for Multi-user
Multi-user licensing feature facilitates the use of tally on ANY NUMBER of computers connected to a local area network (LAN). The method of activation is similar to that of a single-user license.
Once a multi-user license is successfully installed on the computer designated as the License Server, you can start Tally when Windows starts and runs as a service in the background. The other computers, designated as License clients can install Tally, and set the parameter Tally License Server (E.g Servername: Port Number) in the configuration file also known as the Tally.ini. file.

  • If you work on Windows XP and have a firewall installed, ensure that the firewall allow license clients access to the Server Port.
  • On the client computer, there are few significant parameters set by default in Tally.ini file viz., Tally License = Connect and Tally License Server = server.port.
Activation Form

The activation form is displayed, when you run Tally after installation for both single-user and multi-user licensing systems.

Activation form

Enter the serial, key and e-mail ID if you are connected to the Internet or else press Esc or Ctrl+Q to quit this form.

For users connected to the Internet
Activate your license by using the online option available in F12 : Configure --> Licensing --> Online --> Activate.
To activate your license:

  • Start Tally. Tally displays online activation form with three fields.
  • Enter the correct serial and key, and email ID in the activation form that displays and press enter to proceed.
  • Tally connects to the Tally Internet Services Server to validate your registration information.
  • On entering the correct serial and key, a message displays indicating that your license is activated.
  • Once the license is activated, go to F12: Configure > licensing > Online to view the Online Menu.
  • The Online menu has two options:
    Update: This option helps you to update new features of Tally and validate your Tally license.
    Surrender: This option helps you to surrender the Tally license.

For users Not Connected to the Internet
If your computer does not have an Internet connection, you can activate your Tally license using the offline option. Go to F12: Configure > Licensing > Offline > Activate

To activate your license:
When you start Tally, an activation form dialog window will be displayed. Since you are activating it offline, , press Esc or Ctrl+Q to quit this from.

  • Press F12: Configure > Licensing > Offline > Activate
  • Tally displays the offline activation form with three fields. If the serial, key and email ID are correct, a message displays indicating that the tally_req.lic file has been successfully generated.
  • Copy the tally_req.lic file in the Tally folder on a floppy/CD and take it to any computer with Internet connectivity.
  • Paste the tally_req.lic file to the Tally folder on that computer, start Tally and go to F12: Configure > Licensing > offline.
  • Click on the Send External Request option to send the request to Tally Internet Services server. The response will be saved in a new file called tally_resp.lic, which will be generated in the Tally folder.
  • Copy the tally_resp.lic file into a floppy or CD, from the Internet connected computer and paste the file into the Tally folder on your computer.
  • Start Tally, Tally will display the below screen: (Image)
  • You are now ready to use Tally. If you desire to make any changes to your hardware, such as hard disk or removable storage devises, it is recommended that you surrender the license from your computer, before initiating these changes. Else, Tally will switch to Educational mode.

Activating Tally for Multi-User
The method of activation is similar to that of a single-user. The license is first installed and activated on the computer designed as the License Server and later other computers on the network designed as License Clients.

Setting Tally License Server

  • During the installation of Tally, select the Run Tally License Server at windows Startup (For Tally Gold Users) check box. This will enable the User to have Tally start when Windows starts and runs as a service in the background on the server computer.
  • If you fail to select the Run Tally License Server at Windows Startup (For Tally Gold users) check box, you can use this alternative method to activate Tally: Double-click Tally LicSrever.exe found in Tally directory. A dialog box appears which comprises the following elements:
    Install: To install the multi-user license on the server, press install button.
    Uninstall: To uninstall the multi-user license previously installed, if any, press uninstall button.
  • Click on install button
  • After installation of Tally on the client computer, open Tally.ini file found in Tally Directory and set the following parameters:
  • Tally License Server = Name of the License Server Computer or IP address of the server.